In the days of the Armada, a fleet of warships, the scuttlebutt was the rumor or gossip that would spread throughout the ship. Today, Armada Law Corp presents The Scuttlebutt, a daily summery of news articles that people within the cannabis, hemp and plant medicine industries are chatting about along with links to the full articles.

In today’s news:

#californiacannabis – “Citing California’s reputation as the world’s largest regulated marijuana market, Catalyst CEO Elliot Lewis told MJBizDaily he believes the future is bright.

“We smoke the most weed by far,” Lewis quipped. “I’m just a firm believer in the California marketplace. So we’re doubling down.””

#cannabisindustry – “A recent lawsuit filed in California federal court serves as a good reminder to all our readers that it’s so important to be mindful of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (the “ADA”). For the past several years, we’ve seen a steady flow of cases filed against cannabis companies for their alleged failures to run websites and point-of-sale terminals that interfere with a disabled person’s ability to access their products or services online. Under the ADA, “a business may have discriminated against handicapped individuals when they construct and maintain quote on quote architectural barriers which prevent disabled people from enjoying the business as any other person.”

#psilocybin – “One of the biggest criticisms of Oregon’s psilocybin program, run by the Oregon Health Authority, is that guided therapy sessions will be unaffordable for most people because of the costs involved. Jonas’ experience confirms that. If she manages to open her service center, she says she’ll have to charge $3,000 a session to break even. “I’m not trying to make money.””

#cannabisnews – “Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, viewed as the most famous cannabis researcher in the world and a professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem died in Israel at the age of 92.

The news came from acquaintances and colleagues. “This is a very sad day for me, for the science community, and for the cannabis community,” said David Meiri, an associate professor at Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology.

Mechoulam has long been regarded as the Father of THC and the pioneer of cannabis research for having discovered and isolated tetrahydrocannabinol in 1963.”

#psychedelics – “The bill is part of two proposals seeking reform in how veterans are treated and heard. Houx praised the treatment during the hearing, noting its capacity to significantly alter lives with few sessions and extensive research backing the efforts up.

Chairman Dave Griffith (R) expressed surprise at how profoundly the parameters of discussion had shifted. “If you had told me five years ago that I would be chairing a committee and considering a bill about psychedelics for veterans, I would have thought you were crazy,” he said.

This speaks volumes that such “out-there” discussions can now even approach reality and trigger meaningful change.”

#cannabisindustry – “Michigan-based cannabis cultivator and retailer Skymint is in receivership after a Canadian investment firm filed a lawsuit claiming the company owes more than $127 million.

According to Crain’s Detroit Business, Calgary, Alberta-based Tropics LP alleges that Green Peak Innovations, which operates as Skymint, generated $153 million less than what it forecast in 2022….

The suit also alleges that subsidiaries have borrowed more than $81 million from Tropics since 2021 and have been “chronically in default of their loan obligations,” the Lansing State Journal reported.

In a concurrent lawsuit, New York investment firm Merida Capital Holdings filed a complaint in Oakland County Circuit Court alleging that Green Peak misrepresented its financial standing and was mismanaged, according to Crain’s.”


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