In the days of the Armada, a fleet of warships, the scuttlebutt was the rumor or gossip that would spread throughout the ship. Today, Armada Law Corp presents The Scuttlebutt, a daily summery of news articles that people within the cannabis, hemp and plant medicine industries are chatting about along with links to the full articles.

In today’s news:

#psychedelics – “Researchers conducted a machine learning analysis of data from nearly 1,000 respondents to a survey about their previous non-clinical experiences with psychedelic drugs. The analysis suggests that individuals who scored the highest on questionnaires assessing the mystical and insightful nature of their experiences consistently reported improvements in their anxiety and depression symptoms.

The analysis also suggests that a challenging experience while on these substances, one that feels frightening or destabilizing, can have beneficial results, especially in the context of mystical and insightful experiences. This could be helpful for practitioners to know as they guide patients through clinical trials testing psychedelics’ therapeutic potential.

#psychedelics – “Similarly to cannabis, an acknowledgment of the various legitimate medical uses for these substances has resulted in legislative action on the state level across the country. Currently, at least 31 states have either passed or are considering legislation to legalize, decriminalize, authorize therapeutic use, or encourage further research of psychedelics.

While it remains to be seen whether states’ legalization or decriminalization of psychedelics will be as widespread as it has been for cannabis, the rate at which states are introducing psychedelic reform bills is happening much quicker than we saw for cannabis.

Nonetheless, like cannabis, the decriminalization or legalization of psychedelics at the state level does nothing to affect its federal illegality.”–hemp/1286434/why-psychedelics-may-be-federally-legal-well-before-cannabis

#californiacannabis – “Kenneth Gay, who claims he fulfills all requirements of Sacramento’s Cannabis Opportunity Reinvestment and Equity, or CORE, program except that he lives outside the state, is asking the appellate court to undo a district judge’s October decision punting his case.

According to his Thursday brief, the court, in an order that was “wrong on the facts, law, and policy, abstained and permitted the City of Sacramento to violate the Constitution because cannabis is illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act.”

Gay alleges that he was summarily denied admittance in the program for his business, Peridot Tree Inc., which is also the sole named plaintiff, because he could not show that he had ever lived in Sacramento, and the winning CORE applicants were all locals.”

#cannabisindustry – “The bill would permit state officials to reach agreements governing interstate cannabis commerce with other states that have legalized marijuana. To be enacted, the bill requires other states to adopt similar policies and for the federal government to approve a plan authorizing cannabis trade across state lines. Federal authorization could come in the form of legislation that allows interstate cannabis commerce or through a legal opinion from the US Department of Justice “allowing or tolerating” cannabis companies to do business with regulated entities in other states, according to the text of the measure. Democratic state Rep. Sharon Wylie, the lead sponsor of the legislation in the Washington House of Representatives, said that the bill continues the work in other states to lay the groundwork for such a policy change.”

#cannabisindustry – “In the complaint filed Thursday, Hallmark says the insurance policy that Cura Partners holds has a specific exclusion blocking coverage of any action brought by Curaleaf Holdings Inc. and its officers and shareholders, and that is who is bringing the underlying suit against Cura Partners and its employees.

According to the complaint, the coverage dispute stems from a lawsuit filed in January 2022 by a group of investors in Curaleaf — led by Measure 8 Venture LP and referred to in the complaint as the Measure 8 parties — over a plan to separate Cura Partners’ THC business from its CBD business, Cura Wellness.”

#cannabislaw – “In a motion filed Thursday, the city criticized the complaint by Tier One Consulting, which is owned by DJCBP Corp., and David Ju, saying that it fails to identify whether the property to which the license belongs is even within the city, and interchangeably uses “Plaintiff” and “Plaintiffs” without specifying which of them is making which claims.

According to the motion, Ju and Tier One fail to show how they are in compliance with the Government Tort Claims Act, and haven’t shown that they have exhausted all relief as is required for their Fifth Amendment claims of unlawful taking to go forward.

Even if they had sought relief, the city argued, Tier One and Ju haven’t provided any details about what was taken, or how they suffered damages in the taking, according to the motion.”


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