New Calif. law targets illegal cannabis packaging and More

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In today’s news:

New Calif. law targets illegal cannabis packaging

#californiacannabis – “A new law aimed at keeping children safe will target colorful packaging used unlawfully for illegal cannabis products. Lolita Lopez reports for the NBC4 News on Dec. 27, 2023….”

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Review: “National Geographic Investigates: Legal Marijuana In America”

#cannabisindustry – “More than half of the US now allows cannabis for either medical or adult use purposes. It seems like America is trending in the right direction, but are things changing for better or for worse? The answer is ambivalent, according to the recent television special National Geographic Investigates: Legal Marijuana In America.

California’s monumental passing of Proposition 64 in 2016 legalized adult-use cannabis, becoming just the fifth state to do so at the time. The landmark vote paved the way for more to follow; Ohio became the 24th state to legalize adult use on November 7, while 38 states allow for medical use only. As legalization continues to spread throughout the nation, National Geographic’s investigation finds that reform comes with a challenging set of growing pains affecting the legal cannabis industry, from business-minded venture capitalists and corporations, down to cultivators and users themselves.

NatGeo’s special episode features several segments with cannabis activist and Emerald Cup founder Tim Blake, who says legalization has been devastating for California farmers and brands: “The almost criminal over-taxation, regulations and continuous roadblocks have wiped out the majority of the legacy folks who built this industry over the past 50 years.””

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Legalization Nation: why can’t cannabis be more like hemp?

#cannabis – “Cannabis can be confusing, to say the least. The United States has not yet legalized cannabis at the federal level, and state laws on pot differ wildly, even in states where recreational cannabis is legal.

At GreenState, we’re doing our best to keep you updated on the latest in cannabis law in the US. That’s why we partnered with Legalization Nation, an explanatory comic strip by Box Brown that provides a perspective to consumers and patients on the complexities of the emerging legal cannabis industry.

Legalization Nation talks about cannabis from a ground-level perspective, addressing issues like the black market, patients’ rights, corporate advantage, and more, and compares state cannabis legalization policies to help make sense of a daunting landscape through a familiar medium…..”

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“New Calif. law targets illegal cannabis packaging”

What Lenders Look for In Cannabis Loan Due Diligence

#cannabisindustry – “You may think that due diligence is something reserved for business or real estate purchases. But due diligence is also a must for lenders in cannabis loan transactions. I recently wrote a post about what borrowers can look forward to in cannabis loan transaction. Today I want to do a deeper dive into due diligence – something that lenders will need to do well, and that borrowers will need to take seriously. Below, I go through some of the key things that cannabis lenders will look for in due diligence…”

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5 Cannabis Policy Reform Efforts to Watch in 2024

#cannabisindustry – “It’s been another hectic year for the cannabis industry, from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) recommendation that cannabis be rescheduled to the evolution of cannabis banking reform to Ohio voters approving an adult-use legalization measure in the November election.

With so many potential policy changes on the horizon, which ones should business operators be most attentive to?

Here, Jonathan Robbins, chair of Akerman’s cannabis practice, outlines the legislation and potential policy changes to watch in 2024….”

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Legal Expert Decodes Cannabis Employment Law: Challenges And Future Trends

#cannabisindustry – “Gelbord highlighted the early industry focus on regulatory compliance, noting the initial oversight of crucial employment policies. However, he outlined the industry’s shift towards more robust employment agreements and meticulously crafted employee handbooks, marking a clear trajectory towards increased quality and compliance…..”

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MJBizDaily’s most popular cannabis business stories of 2023

#cannabisindustry – “Growing fears over a dangerous plant pathogen … the Biden’s support for reclassifying marijuana as a less dangerous drug … the proliferation of hemp-derived products containing intoxicating delta-8 THC.

Those were among the most clicked-on stories here at MJBizDaily over the past year……”

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