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Regulatory Compliance Is Now More Accessible for the Cannabis and Hemp Insurance Market

#californiacannabis – “Regulatory compliance is the single most important risk management tool for any cannabis or hemp company and its insurer. Companies that make compliance a strategic priority significantly reduce their potential liability and the risk of litigation. Those companies that cut corners on compliance present a higher risk for fines, license revocation, property and product liability risks, recalls, and lawsuits with customers, competitors and vendors.

From an insurance underwriting perspective, it is critical to understand the extent to which any cannabis or hemp company makes regulatory compliance a business imperative. This is particularly true when one considers the impact of expected changes to the regulated marijuana industry and the hemp-cannabinoid product market over the next year or two….”

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Moment California cannabis CEO brags about making ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ by ripping off legal weed farmers in state

#cannabisindustry – “A San Francisco dispensary owner has been exposed boasting about how he has made ‘hundreds of thousands of dollars’ by ripping off cannabis farmers – as the state’s cannabis $600million ‘debt bubble’ grows.

Norman Yousif, founder and CEO of the dispensary chain Off the Charts, was caught on camera bragging about deliberately failing to pay ‘mom-and-pop’ vendors.

The video sparked outrage as it highlighted a recurring problem in California‘s legal cannabis market that sees farmers short-changed….”

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The Power Of Psychedelic Therapy For Members Of The Military

#psychedelics – “Many people hear the term “psychedelics” and think of hippies, acid, and the music of the 1960s. But it may soon take on a whole different meaning for the U.S. military.

Last December, Congress passed legislation that included funding for clinical trials of psychedelic-assisted therapy for active-duty service members. And just last month, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that it will also begin funding psychedelic-assisted therapy to treat veterans with PTSD and depression.

This comes at a time when suicide rates amongst active-duty service members are at an all-time high.

What is psychedelic-assisted therapy? What effect could it have on active-duty and veteran mental health?”

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