California marijuana grower voluntarily recalls pesticide-tainted flower and More

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California marijuana grower voluntarily recalls pesticide-tainted flower

#californiacannabis – “An indoor marijuana grower in California has alerted regulators and the state’s track-and-trace system that a certain batch of its flower in the market contains prohibited pesticides.

As a result, Grizzly Peak Farms implemented a voluntary recall on its Zoap flower strain after testing from the state’s Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) confirmed the presence of the pesticide chlorfenapyr….”

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San Diego Cracks Down on Illegal Hemp-Derived Products, Multiple Arrests and Seizures Ensue

#californiacannabis – “The City of San Diego is cracking down on the sale of intoxicating hemp-derived products.

Authorities issued an open letter on Dec. 1 to tobacco shops that might be peddling such products without the proper licenses, urging them to pull them off their shelves within 30 days…..”

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This Air Force Veteran is still behind bars for cannabis

#cannabis – “States and countries continue legalizing cannabis, but some remain imprisoned for cannabis offenses. People are even serving sentences in states like Arizona, where medical has been in place since 2010 and recreational passed in 2020, for doing cannabis business too soon. That is where the most recent push from the Last Prisoner Project is focused as the advocacy group rallies behind Robert Deals…..”

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Science of cannabis: #2 The anatomy of a high

#cannabisresearch – “Human beings have cultivated cannabis for thousands of years. We have been using it for its euphoric effects for at least several thousand. And as prohibition in the United States and other nations gives way to legal, recreational use, more people are picking up pot for help with sleep, pain, or simple relaxation.

But as medical and recreational use become more popular and increasingly accessible, what’s actually going on inside your body and brain when you imbibe? Cannabinoids, the chemicals in cannabis, trigger an entire system of receptors in our nervous systems, immune systems and elsewhere in our tissues. And this internal, endocannabinoid system regulates so much of our physiology that it may explain everything from the post-pot munchies…to runner’s high….”

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Michigan OSHA launches emphasis program focused on cannabis industry

#cannabisindustry – “In an effort to protect workers in the rapidly expanding cannabis industry, Michigan OSHA has initiated a state emphasis program that covers the growing, harvesting and processing of the plant.

Since Michigan legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2018, the state’s cannabis industry has grown to more than 1,000 dispensaries, over 1,000 growers and 228 processors. MIOSH notes that these settings have the highest occurrence of occupational safety and health hazards.

Via its cannabis safety webpage, MIOSHA offers free resources, fact sheets and educational video sessions co-hosted by the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency – the regulatory program overseeing adult-use marijuana establishments and licensees….”

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Cannabis Brands Beware – Branding/White Labeling in New York Requires Application Submittal by December 18, 2023

#cannabisindustry – “While licensing agreements between brands and license holders are typical in mature cannabis jurisdictions, what is uncommon is the requirement that said brands become licensed solely for the purposes of entering into branding and licensing agreements with in-state licensed operators, but that is exactly what New York and the Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”) have required and made plain. More so, those brands must apply for that license by December 18 in order to enter into such agreements with cultivators and/or producers moving forward.

New York, like many other states, have different processing licenses for different segments of the processing supply chain. New York has a tiered approach, with three (3)different types of processing licenses. Type 3 Processors are for those seeking to package, label, and/or engage in branding, including those simply entering into white labeling agreements only. Type 2 Processors are those looking to infuse and blend, in addition to those activities permitted under Type 3. And Type 1 Processors are those looking to do extracting, in addition to Types 2 and 3…..”

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Seattle Pot Shop Sued Over Collapsed Deal To Sell Licenses

(PAYWALL) #cannabislawsuit – “A lawsuit in a Washington state court says a cannabis company broke a $480,000 settlement by not maintaining a business license associated with a dispensary or keeping up with payments owed to the plaintiff.

Bernard Finney said in his Tuesday lawsuit that The Grass Is Always Greener LLC didn’t keep its end of the deal, saying it made payments through near the end of 2022, when compensation stopped. And by January, one of the defendants had gotten up to speed on certain past-due payments, but quarterly payments were still owed, Finney alleges.

Perhaps more concerning, the suit alleged that the license was under the threat of suspension not once, but twice. An unspecified defendant further agreed to maintain the license “free of any encumbrances or liens and operating in good condition,” the suit said.

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