In the days of the Armada, a fleet of warships, the scuttlebutt was the rumor or gossip that would spread throughout the ship. Today, Armada Law Corp presents The Scuttlebutt, a daily summery of news articles that people within the cannabis, hemp and plant medicine industries are chatting about along with links to the full articles.

In today’s news:

Fetterman Says Pennsylvania Is Getting ‘Lapped’ On Marijuana Legalization By Nearby States Because GOP Opposes ‘Common Sense’ Policy

#cannabispolitics – “Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) says marijuana legalization is “inevitable.” But yet another one of his home state’s neighbors enacts the reform, he concedes that the path in Pennsylvania has proved more challenging amid GOP resistance to the “common sense” policy that’s backed by the majority of voters.

The senator—who has long championed cannabis legalization and made it a key issue when he served as Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor—spoke about the prospects of reform at the state and federal level in an interview with City & State Pennsylvania that was published on Monday.

“It’s absolutely absurd—how many states around Pennsylvania are we falling behind?” Fetterman said, reflecting on Ohio’s recent vote to legalize cannabis at the ballot. “I don’t know why Republicans are opposing it, because the majority of their constituents want this. It shouldn’t be that hard in Pennsylvania.””

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#cannabislicensing – “The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission heard presentations Monday from applicants for medical marijuana licenses.

Commission chair John McMillan said 90 applicants were given the chance to present their case to the commission. The commission is reviewing the application presentations from cultivators, secure transporters, processors and testing over the next few weeks….”

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With Cannabis Newly Legalized, Minnesota is Latest State to Adjust its Child Welfare Approach

#cannabisindustry – “Can a parent be investigated for child abuse for smoking a joint?  What if a child accidentally ingests an edible?

Do mandated reporters have to alert authorities when they learn a pregnant person is vaping marijuana?

Is it a child safety concern that a parent is growing pot at home?

These and other questions are being addressed by Minnesota’s Department of Human Services, three months after recreational cannabis became legal in the state.

The answer to all of the above questions is no, state officials clarified in a recent online public forum, and in public statements. They are now training child welfare workers and spreading the word to residents about the state’s newly revised Child Maltreatment Intake, Screening and Response Path Guidelines….”

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There’s a new way to target illegal pot shops plaguing SoCal

#californiacannabis – “The NBC4 I-Team was with an enforcement team with the California Department of Cannabis Control as they visited a location in the Lennox area of Los Angeles.

Inside a location on South Inglewood Avenue, the DCC told the NBC4 I-Team they found what is believed to be illegal marijuana in a safe and in display cases.

They also said they came across previous warning letters from their department to the owner of this location about “unlicensed commercial cannabis activity.”

The DCC explained the search warrant to go into this business followed one served at this very location only six months back….”

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Woman who blamed cannabis for stabbing is ‘not the victim,’ dad says

#californiacannabis – “The testimony provided Spejcher with an opportunity to show the jury that she had “some form of remorse for her actions,” Sean O’Melia said. Instead, “It was really clear that everything was about her. I can’t count how many times I heard her say ‘Me.’ I realize that this is not good for her or her family, either. But there is a victim here, and she is not the victim.”

Spejcher faces an involuntary manslaughter charge, which was downgraded in September from a second degree murder charge….”

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Former employee sues Missouri cannabis company, alleging disability discrimination and wrongful termination

#cannabislawsuit – “A former employee is suing a Missouri medical marijuana company alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act after she was allegedly terminated due to her disabilities and the defendant’s refusal to provide reasonable accommodations.

Plaintiff Ginny Young-Hasha filed a lawsuit in federal court against Infused Industries LLC doing business as Bison Infused, alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

According to court documents, the defendant manufactures and sells infused marijuana products. The plaintiff has disabilities including adult attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and autism. She alleges the defendant was aware of her disabilities and hired her to work as a manufacturing technician at its Buffalo location between January and March 2023….”

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UC Berkeley, Harvard to research influence of psychedelics on society and culture

#psychedelics – “University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University announced this month that the two institutions received funding to begin research into how psychedelics have influenced art, literature and society.

The initiative, called ”Psychedelics in Society and Culture,” will focus on the historical significance of psychedelics and will provide faculty and student researchers with grants of up to $100,000 to study related issues.

The UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics (BCSP) and the Center for Interdisciplinary Critical Inquiry as well as Harvard’s Mahindra Humanities Center will lead the initiative….”

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